5 hacks to save money while travelling

In the World of Instagram and Snapchat, you must stumble upon so many people posting amazing pictures from all over the globe. Most of us end up wondering how people manage to earn so much or get so many leaves.

Well, of course, effective financial planning is important to travel more frequently but there are few other hacks which you can use while booking your flight and hotel tickets to save more money.

Here are few of them I use frequently.

1. Always search for air ticket prices using INCOGNITO window in Chrome

Heard about this? If you have, AWESOME!! If you haven’t then it’s an option where Google Chrome doesn’t store the history of the data you browse.

Airfares are flexible and if you repetitively search about traveling to the same place then the prices shoot up and you’ll always end up paying more.

Always use this option while booking the tickets and you’ll see a substantial difference in the prices.

Check the below link to see how you can use this mode.

2. DO NOT book your ticket in advance

Back in stone age maybe the perfect option was to book tickets in advance and save money. But now in the 21st century, this is a BAD option. Most of our plans keep on fluctuating and at times we can’t go at the pre-decided date. With all the new policies of airlines, you’ll end up with a huge loss. The cancellation charges, rescheduling charges are just too high in case your plan changes.

Also, the air prices are comparatively low if you book your tickets a few weeks before your travel date as compared to booking it six months early.

So avoid booking air tickets and hotel tickets in advance.

If travelling via train then yes you can go for advance booking. Because IRCTC still works in the same way. ūüėõ

3. Make use of all the apps and deals they offer: TURN ON THE NOTIFICATION

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know how huge a fan I am of all these apps. Trust me they are the savior.

Keep your notification ON so that you are aware of all the sales and can make a sound choice while booking tickets.

Check out the below post to find some of these awesome APPS

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How to manage finances in order to travel as much as possible? ūüôą So many of you asked this question, and I am sure most of us has googled or youtubed or read blogs or captions on this topic. Isn't it? ūüėā Now, firstly I am not a finance expert but this is what I do inorder to save money and explore as many places as possible. 1. Find places near to your house. Most of us ignore the beauty of the region we reside at, we always want to travel far. Don't do that. Cover the places near your house first it will help to save lot of money on travelling. . 2. Book tickets while on SALE, even if you do not have a plan or itinerary ready. By doing this you can save lot of money to reach places. Keep an eye on AIR SALES at @ixigo @makemytripindia @goibibotravel @travelezeego @skyscannerindia etc. The cashbacks are helpful as well. . 3. If travelling solo, book hostels to stay rather than hotels. @zostel is one of my all time favourite community hostels to stay at. You can also check for other hostels at @hostelworld , they have listed down all the hostels across the globe. Typical rate for a bed costs around Rs.800 /pp. It can be way less than this. . 4. Travelling with group, then book homestay using @airbnb. You can also book hotels using @bookingcom. They have amazing deals plus allows to pre book without paying anything in advance. 5. Always use local transport over private vehicle. It can cut down the overall trip cost almost by 2 fold. That means we can save half of the money plus get a local vibe by using state transports. 6. Save money by not buying unnecessary products, most of the time we think people notice our outfits but they don't. Prioritize what you want in life. Travel over things any given day. Make full use of whatever things you have in your wardrobe. Also buy things which are durable. Quality over quantity any given day. 7. Find a way to earn money. No matter where you are and what you are doing. Whether you are a student, or housewife, or househusband or a mother, etc etc. Does not matter. There are plenty of jobs out there. All we need to do is stop procrastinating and go out. Nothing better than being independent. Happy travelling!! ūüíēūüĎĮ

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4. Hostels or Hotels or AirBnB?

A huge chunk of money while traveling goes in booking a stay. So it’s very important to make a sound choice between hostels, hotels, and Airbnb.

AirBnB :

If you are traveling with a big group or family and going to a remote area then Airbnb is the best option. Airbnb provides an experience of home away from home.

It’s a cheaper option if you are planning to stay for longer duration.

Hostels :

If you are traveling solo then there couldn’t be better options than hostels. Download HostelWorld and you’ll get amazing deals on various hostels.

As I always say Zostel is one of my favorite chains when it comes to choosing from multiple different brands. If you are okay with sharing room with others and meet another traveler from across the globe then hostels are the way to go.

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At the verandah of ZOSTEL at Chikmagalur, Karnataka. . . . . What is Zostel? It is an Indian homegrown very first and largest chain of hostels for backpackers. Typically when we hear the word hostel it remind us of the one we stayed while studying. Going with the similar concept Zostel has introduced a way where you can share a room with fellow traveller and bare a minimum price per bed basis. While traveling solo and when on a budget trip, staying at hotel digs a huge hole in our pocket, we can avoid that by staying at Zostel. Apart from being pocket friendly Zostel also helps you to socialise and indulge in various activities offered by them. Guests share stories, play games, watch television, play guitar and plan upcoming travel with new friends. Dorm sizes vary from 2-16. Also, they have an option for female dormitory. . If you want to socialize with other travellers but still want the privacy of your own room for sleeping, book a single or double room. Private rooms are more expensive than dorms but are still cheaper than a hotel. . . So next time you plan to travel solo or are on budget trip in India do give Zostel a try. The chain of hostels has presence across 26 locations in India and Nepal namely Alleppy, Spiti, Leh, Manali, Mcleodganj, Dalhousie, Bir, Rishikesh, New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Pushkar, Jaisalmer, Mumbai, Goa, Gokarna, Varanasi, Khajuraho, Coorg, Chikamagalur, Kochi, Ooty, Chennai and Kathmandu & Pokhara in Nepal. . . . . . #travel #bagpack #zostel #traveltip #blog #travelblogger #budgettrip #india #indiatourism #indiapictures #travelguide #wanderer

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Plus it’s so much cheaper than hotels. Pay Rs.3000 for a day or pay Rs.750 or maybe less. The choice is yours.


If you are traveling to metro cities or a place only for a couple of days then, of course, go for hotels. Also when it comes to luxury and comfort nothing can beat hotel stays. And as always everything comes with a price.

5. Travel on WEEKDAYS

I know, I know we all have to work on weekdays and generally, it’s so difficult to get leaves and travel during working days.

However, if your work allows you a flexible schedule then I’ll suggest working on weekends and travel on weekdays.

On weekdays world is a much better place. It’s less crowded, most of the tourist spot is vacant, you get the hotels and flights at a much cheaper rate, you get quality food and as a bonus, you are traveling when the world is working.

Also, during long weekends half of the world wants to travel so it’s a high probability that you’ll end up in long traffic jams and keep on honking or may be stuck around 1000 angry drivers honking constantly with no output.

So avoid these peak times and probably just sit back at home and make it a home party or a picnic.

Plan your leaves carefully. This is how you can make the best of both the world.

Everyone should experience it once to travel on working days and off season, it’s an all together different experience.

TIP: Travel off season 

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Only when we step out of our cubicle job and/or our comfort zone, we can truly embrace the beauty of a whole different world waiting for us. ūüíē There is nothing wrong with being a workaholic because, in the end, we need to pay bills and of course, no matter what social media portrays money does make life easier. But all these things shouldn't squeeze out the life within us. Every once in a while head out to explore a new place and click as many pictures as possible. Because memory fade out but pictures don't. And those pictures will be your motivating factor to take another trip. When you see that grin on your face after going through the pictures, it will be priceless. Just like, each and every picture I clicked at Spiti has 100 stories attached to it. And even if I am having a bad day these pictures keep me going. ūüíė Happy world photography day!! . . #photooftheday #photographers_of_india #photographer #indiaig #indiaphotos #indiatravel #indiaphotoproject #himachalpradesh #mountains #himachaldiaries #hippieinhills #tripadvisor #travelstoke #travelblog

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