A guide to Golden City of India

Aha!! The Golden City of India. Well, that is Jaisalmer I am talking about and starting with a bit of irony, I would say Jaisalmer is so much more than just being the golden city.

The uniform architecture and the golden hue is what makes it so marvelous and beautiful. It is said that you need a heart of stone and body of iron in order to survive in Jaisalmer because of the really hot climate the city experiences, followed by lack of water.

I visited Jaisalmer for 2 days but wish I could have stayed a bit longer. I would definitely suggest spending 3-4 days over here.

Suitable months to travel

The temperature in summer shoots up to 45 degrees and sometimes more than that so I would personally recommend not to travel from May-July.

After July the temperature drops a bit, but the rains may ruin the experience of Thar Desert so do check weather forecast before heading to Jaisalmer during July-Oct

Winter is the best time to explore Jaisalmer Nov-Mar are the months to go.

Places to visit

If you are someone like me then you’ll definitely not need a planned itinerary to explore Jaisalmer. Trust me when I say this all the roads, nooks, corners of Jaisalmer is beautifully architect and the golden color is spread like a huge blanket all over the city.

You can use the local transport which will help you to get to the nearby places or you can hire a cab for a day or two, or probably can book for a self-drive.

We booked a cab and you can contact below person for hotel booking, cab booking, etc.

Name : Chandan Singh – 9414760622

How to plan your stay for Jaisalmer ?

Jaisalmer is briefly divided in two parts. One is the main town where we have old monuments, forts, museum, lakes, shopping markets, food joints, etc to explore and other is the Thar desert around 2-3 hours from the main city. The desert safari, camps at the desert, camel safari, dirt biking, kabali dance, etc is of course few things that can be done at at Thar desert and of course that’s the high light of Jaisalmer.
Camp Safari at Thar Desert

Plan your first night or two may be at Thar desert. There are several desert camps where you can stay at, the typical cost is around Rs.2500/pp inclusive of desert safari,camel ride, over night stay in tents and food. The cost will increase depending upon your choice of activities and luxury options selected.

Make sure to visit before sunset if you’re planning to do the activities on the same day. The best time to do camel safari is during the sunset,as you will get a spectacular view of the Thar Desert.

The same activities can be done during morning hours as well.

Hire a cab to reach the desert since it’s around 2-3 hours from the main town, on your way to Jaisalmer do take a quick halt to visit Kuldhara.

Spend some time rejoicing the feel of desert for miles and miles. This is something that should be experienced once in a lifetime.

Camping at the Thar Desert
Rare vegetation at otherwise dry desert
Let your eyes wander
At the desert you lose yourself to find something bigger
After the camel safari

Part 2 of Jaisalmer – Exploring the town :

For your second half of the trip, plan to stay in town for one night which will give you a time of two days and one night to explore the city. If time is not an issue then extend for couple of days.

Jaisalmer is relatively small and two days is sufficient to cover all the places. However if you’re in a mood to just sit back and enjoy the royalty then look for some fabulous resorts starting from 3-start till 7-star. The luxury resorts at Jaisalmer are worth spending the money at.

If you’re on a budget trip then you can go for hostels or budget hotels as per your choice.

I stayed at hotel Roop Mahal.

Below are few places to visit at Jaisalmer :

  1. Jaisalmer fort
  2. Patwa Haveli
  3. Gadisar Lake
  4. Visit the Indo-Pak border : Tanot Mata temple
  5. Street shopping outside the Jaisalmer fort
  6. Vyas Chhatri

Exploring the town : Day 1

Gadisar Lake

Jaisalmer Fort, Patwa Haveli, Gadisar Lake are situated in a close proximity and can be covered in a single day. Start with witnessing sunrise at Gadisar Lake, the red and orange color of sky as a back drop to the golden city is mesmerizing. Once you are done exploring the Jaisalmer Fort,indulge in street food outside it. May be do some shopping, like sarees and skirts. Remember the bargain scale for these shops are enormous so you can start your bargain while purchasing an item with less than fifty percent of original amount. Don’t hesitate and stick to your price and the shopkeeper will agree. Happy Shopping!!

Coming towards the end, post lunch head to Patwa Haveli, the yellow beauty of the area stands out compared to the other parts of the town. The narrow lane and the intrigue architecture witnesses the royal time once endowed by the Patwa family. The place is also filmed in famous Bollywood movies starring Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan etc.

From the pinnacle of the haveli you can get a panoramic view of entire Jaisalmer.

Interiors of Patwa Haveli
The beauty is in the detailing

The beautiful architect and the lanes is the highlight of Patwa Haveli
While exploring the Patwa Haveli, do look at the golden roof top as well. It’s gold, it’s beautiful and hand crafted

Exploring the town Day 2

Visiting Indo-Pak border will consume almost half of the day since it’s located 150-170 km away from the town. Tanot Mata temple holds a history of guarding the Indian border during Indo-pak wars. Legend says that Pakistan tried to bomb the temple by dropping several live bombs, however not even one of them got exploded.

The bombs later picked by the Indian army is now placed for public display.

The temple is owned by BSF and the entire area shines with pride and efforts of Indian army.

Check out below to see the famous temple of Manat Mata there.

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A place with million wishes πŸ’« πŸ’ž . . A wish, a prayer is tied with every piece of cloth you see in the video associated with people coming from different parts of the country. They come here with the hope of light and better future. This is Tanot Mata temple situated near the Indo-Pak border. Do you know why this temple is so special? Back during Indo-Pak wars in Longewala in 1971, Pakistan had dropped more than 3000 bombs at the temple but not even one of them exploded. It's said that there is some supernatural power associated with this place and till date, no one is able to shake even one rock of this temple. They have placed the unexploded bombs for display and also the picture of the site where the bombs were discovered. Since it's situated so close to Indo-Pak border this temple was handed over to BSF and is completely managed by them. No soldier goes to the border without getting a blessing from the goddess. πŸ™ The cloth here is faith, love, and respect. πŸ’ž There is some power here I don't know what, but definitely, you'll feel it. The vibe is present. If you happen to visit Jaisalmer then do visit this place. Meet the soldiers, hear the stories, take the blessings and see the unexploded bomb!! There is so much more yet to be explained. -Tanot Mata Temple, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan!! . #rajasthan #rajasthandiaries #rajasthan_tourism #incrediblerajasthan #india #incredibleindia #everydayindia #photograph #ootd #photooftheday #travelphotography #travelgram #travelblogger #blog #travelholic #travel #travelblog #travelstoke #rajasthantourism #rajasthan #india #indiaig #indiaphotos #indiatravel #wanderlust #wanderer #traveleverywhere #photooftheday #placestovisit #indiatourism #black #blackdress #ootd #fashionblog

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The highway to the temple is smooth and there are sign boards on the sideways with amazing quote about freedom fighting, about the brave soldiers, etc. Keep looking for them.

While driving towards Indo-Pak border

After returning from the temple you can either go to the Jaisalmer war museum, or another forts or to any restaurant. Again if time permits do visit Gadisar Lake again and see the sun setting quietly from that point.

Jaisalmer War Museum
Jaisalmer War Museum has several tanks and trucks etc captured during the war from Pakistan. The reverse flag on the vehicle means it was captured during the war by the winning side

Overall you’ll be returning back from Jaisalmer with a big ear to ear grin and sense of royalty.!!!

TIP : Do visit below food joint for delicious kachoris and various other delicacies which are specialty of Jaisalmer.

Do comment below and share your experience if you have visited this place before or if you have any questions always feel free to email or DM us on Instagram.

Happy exploring!!

P.S. Few more snippets from Jaisalmer

Street shopping
Thar Desert – The beauty of Rajasthan

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