About Us

The dream is to travel the world and trek every possible mountain we can but starting from our home country first, India. So we’re Shilpy and Srirag, software engineers by profession, but a wanderer and traveler by heart. Two colleagues who had nothing in common but the passion of traveling, exploring places little more and sometimes to hit the dance floor on weekends are now friends.

We travel with each other, friends and at times alone. The one question which we always face is “You guys travel a lot, must be getting a huge paycheck“. Tired of answering this question somewhere we realized that we all share the common mentality that one has to be rich to travel. But that’s simply not true, we do travel across India without making a huge dent in our pockets.

So here we’re finally with our blog and sharing the experience of budget traveling. Come take a look at our wandering journey and be a part of it. Together may be one day we will be able to change the stereotype of society that “You need to be rich to travel”.

Be a part of this small family of the travel social and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. DM, Message or Mail us if you need more details about any of the places we travel. We will be more than happy to plan a trip for you in your given budget.