Cycling in Mumbai, at midnight?

Nowadays you’ll often find people wearing those trendy head gears and riding a bicycle around the city. There is this pride feeling on their face, Well I didn’t know why earlier before I actually rode a bicycle myself.

One fine morning on my way to the office, I spotted a group of people riding bicycles at Powai Lake. It was a diverse group of youngsters and people of 50-60 years of age. Riding a bicycle in my town was something on my to-do list for a long time. Unfortunately, I never rode a bicycle. Not all of us get a bicycle during our childhood or maybe it would be a long time since we rode a bicycle.

After much thought we kept aside the dilemma, Me and Srirag along with our two friends decided to register with a group called Mumbai Travellers for our cycling expedition which was called “Heritage Mumbai Ride”. The name was given considering the ride was starting from Gateway of India to Haji Ali and back. It was a midnight cycle ride of 28kms, so we had to start around 12 am and had to collect the bicycles around 11.30 pm.

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Being a non-rider myself, I was quite nervous about the 28km ride. To prepare myself, I watched few YouTube videos, did a little research and reached half hour early to practice a bit. I know all of these are not the full proof solution, but to my surprise, I was able to ride the bicycle instantly after I let go the fear of falling and trust me when I say nothing gives you more pleasure than learning a new thing.

If you’re a no bicycle rider just like me don’t hesitate to give it a go because riding a bicycle, after all, is not that tough as it looks. Have faith and confidence in yourself, and you’re just good to go for anything you really want to do.


We collected our bicycles and started our ride from the Gateway of India covering other places like Taj and Flora on our way and rode on the highway under the midnight moon over our head and the serene beauty of Marine drive by our side.

Going to the Queen’s necklace is not new for Mumbaikars but riding the bicycle over there was really an interesting part. We halted there for a quick snack because riding 28km is not a funny business. While snacking on our munchies we had a quick interactive session with other fellow riders, few fellow pedestrian joined us to share a short story about their life or just showcase the extraordinary skills they had which somehow gets masked in our daily routine and jobs.


We started off again on our cycles once the pleasant session was completed. After visiting few other Heritage points we reached to Haji Ali and then after a few pictures, we rode back to our starting point to drop off the bicycle.

There are few things and places which we miss out while riding on bike or car. But all those small beauties get our attention when we are on a bicycle. The beauty of the journey is in those small special moments.

So if you are thinking of getting in shape, want to make new friends or explore the most beautiful routes in and around Mumbai city and more importantly have a blast while doing it! Then add this to your to do list as well.


Events like these are something that you should at least do once in your life because they leave an everlasting memory. It’s a totally different experience of reaching Colaba at midnight, selecting a bicycle for your self, riding along the marine drive at 3 AM in the morning and literally understanding the meaning of ‘a city that never sleeps’.

This adventure will only cost you 1k per head, but it’s something that we would highly recommend.

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– Shilpy

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