Explore Udaipur in 3 days!!

To start with I will like you to look at a few pictures from the city of lakes – Udaipur. If you feel like you need some Udaipur vibe then scroll down, go ahead, give this piece of the blog a read.

If you are reading this then I assume that you liked the pictures. Of course, why not. Isn’t it just gorgeous?

I fell in love with this city almost after a couple of hours I stepped in. People say that one day is enough to explore Udaipur but I feel that’s not true. If you truly want to explore the heart of this place then plan to be there for 3-4 days. In this way, you won’t be in a rush to cover all the places and will be able to slow down and enjoy the Rajasthani vibe the city has to offer.

This is what I did for my three day trip to Udaipur. You don’t really need to follow this. But maybe keep the places in mind or bookmark it in case you are planning to visit it soon. Some additional information always comes in handy, isn’t it?

Before starting with the itinerary I will list down details about how to reach, where to stay, etc.

How to reach Udaipur.?

Udaipur is well connected when it comes to transport.

So you can choose from one of the below options.

  1. Train – Look options at IRCTC
  2. Bus – Book tickets using Red Bus
  3. Flight – Book Using Ixigo, Make my trip, Paytm, etc
  4. Self Drive

Since I was traveling from Mumbai, all the above links will redirect you to bookings from Mumbai to Udaipur, please change the boarding point as per your travel plan.

Where to stay?

There are various options starting from luxury stay to nominal hostel stays. It all depends on your budget.

If budget is not an issue, then you should definitely spend a bit and stay at palaces turn into hotels like Taj, The Leela, etc. It’s worth the experience.

However, if you want to stay within the budget then you can book hostels where you get shared beds like ZOSTEL or you can book a budget hotel stay.

I booked my stay at Zostel for 2 days for a price of Rs.750.

You can explore more options and grab some amazing deals by using below apps.

  1. Booking.com
  2. Hostel world

Do comment and share your experience about the places you chose to stay at.

Now let’s dive into places to visit at Udaipur. Yay!

Places to visit

Day 1: A trip to City Palace, Jag Mandir and local market browsing followed by the light show at The City Palace

The City Palace is the main tourist attraction at Udaipur and of course, is super crowded most of the times. To avoid the crowd is the first one to enter the palace as soon as the door opens at 09:30 AM.

The city palace is a home to the grand museum within and it takes around 2-3 hours to explore the palace completely. If you are into history and like to know more about the palace by learning about what the king used to do 400 years back or would probably like to know more about the war, about the dynasty and architecture then it’s highly recommended to hire a guide. The charge for the guide is Rs.300 for a group of 5 people.

The palace also has small hotels and cafes which are situated at the prettiest location. Once you’re done exploring the place you can either hang out at the restaurants inside the palace or just step outside and enjoy the street food and local market.

There are a plethora of food joints near city palace, one of my favorite is a tea stall just near the booking counter(DO NOT miss that, if you love tea).

Also, make sure to not throw away the tickets which you have booked for the city palace because you’ll be needing that again when you go to Jag Mandir.

Once you’re done with lunch, head back to the city palace and book the boat ride to JAG MANDIR.

The boats run every hour and it takes around 20 mins to reach the starting point to manage your time accordingly. For example, for 3 PM boat ride, reach the booking counter by 02:20 PM. Also, they have flexible pricing system so if you’re going before or till 03:00 PM the price will be the Rs.300/per person to and fro.

After 03:00 PM the price shoots up to Rs.450/pp. One of the major attraction is to witness the sunset from the boat.

The boat will take you to a long ride from where you can spot The City Palace, The Leela, Taj hotel, etc. Pretty much you can spot entire Udaipur from the boat and it’s beautiful.

Finally, the boat will drop you at JAG MANDIR and you are on your own to explore the place.

As I said earlier there are boats every hour which will drop you back to the city palace.

If you complete this before sunset then head to BAGORE KE HAVELI for a spectacular view of sunset. It’s at a walking distance of about 5 mins from City Palace.

Enjoy your time by listening to Rajasthani Folk music playing there. It’s soothing and amazing to watch the group play by the lake.

Also, BAGORE KE HAVELLI has amazing cultural shows from 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM. DO NOT MISS.

After this, you can shop at the nearby markets and then can head to one of the many rooftop cafes near Pichola Lake.

The view of the city palace at night is beautiful, enjoy your meal soaking into the vibe of Udaipur.

Also, if you want to have more of The City Palace then head back and enjoy the light show before you settle down for the dinner.

This is pretty much how your first day at Udaipur will end. Everything is situated at a close vicinity once you reach City Palace so you won’t be needing any vehicle.

Day 2: Hike to Nimach Mata temple followed by a long walk by the Fateh Sagar Lake ending with a scrumptious breakfast. Covering Shilpgram post lunch.

For Day 2 start with getting up early to see the sunrise from Nimach Mata temple. If you’re staying near Pichola Lake get an auto-rickshaw to the temple which will cost around Rs.70. Better to reach before 07:00 Am. After a short hike for around 20 mins, you’ll reach the temple and the view from there is spectacular. You can see mountains, white city, and majestic Lake FatehPura all at once.

You may even spot peacocks if it’s your lucky day.

Descend back and from there you can walk to Fatehpura lake. It’s calm and serene during the morning. The scene during evening changes completely. After a blissful walk by the lake stop for breakfast at one of the joints near Fatehpura and enjoy breakfast by the lake with hot tea served in Kulhad.

Head back to the hotel to get freshen up and later on be ready to explore SHILPGRAM

DO NOT MISS this place, I absolutely loved it.

It’s in the outskirts of Udaipur and is open from 11:00 AM till 07:00 PM. And it takes around 3-4 hours to explore the place. It’s an absolute paradise for people who love to shop, everything is reasonable since it’s a government-owned property and you’ll find everything best what Udaipur has to offer. Be it shopping or food or cultural vibe it’s all-inclusive at an entry cost of Rs.50.

DO NOT MISS the Rajasthani Thali over there. It’s scrumptious.

If you stay post 07:00 PM then make sure either you have your own vehicle or else you can book an UBER.

I had the best time at SHILPGRAM!.

Day 3: Visiting monsoon palace, Vintage Car Museum, and Karni Mata Temple

Monsoon Palace is a bit far so take an auto-rickshaw till the base of the palace, from there they have jeeps till the main gate. It’s a place where you can spend a peaceful morning or afternoon with a glorious view of entire Udaipur. The cafe at the entrance is amazing and you can just unwind there and glance at Udaipur spotting all the places you visited in the last two days.

From there you can go to multiple places depending upon your personal interest.

Go to a Vintage Car Museum if you’re interested in seeing the early editions of Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Limo, etc. The entrance cost is Rs.300

You can also visit Karni Mata temple where you can either go via ropeway or hike up using the stairs. You can skip the ropeway since it’s only about 20 mins from the base and not at all difficult. Also, you can again get a view of entire Udaipur from this spot so it’s better if you visit here during Sunset.

Lastly, enjoy the small rooftop restaurants and bid your goodbyes to Udaipur!!

You can definitely shuffle the itinerary as per your plans, in the end, the place is amazing and blooming with cultural vibes at every nook. You’ll be amazed by how good you feel at the end of the trip.

Do share your experience of Udaipur, places you visited, good eateries, etc.

Tag us on Instagram to share your photos from Udaipur!!!!

Have a great trip!!

Padharo Mhare Desh!

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