Harihar Fort – The stairs of Adrenaline rush

Harihar fort / Harshagad should top the list of your to-do treks. Located in Igatpuri, Nashik district, of Maharashtra. This Fort was built as a watchpoint for the trade route.

Harihar fort trek is famous for its steep climb on stairs which are worn out at places, making it hard to climb and extremely adventures while descending and also for the panoramic view it provides throughout the trek. This trek is a perfect combination of a variety of terrains. The trek starts off with a lush, green view of the village and the mountains.


The fort that you see below is where our destination stands and what separates us is the steep climb.


If you think the hardest part of the trek was over with the stairs, then brace yourself with some compact area with just space enough for one person to cross at a time and on the left side of you is an open cliff. You have to be vigilant while crossing this patch.

The plateau at the top of the fort is extensive and you will have two different ends to cover. Both the sides have some mesmerizing view of the valley. The walk to the right side of the fort is via a small patch of bushes. You will have to do yet another difficult climb to get the stunning view of the valley.

Now, once you decide to descend is when the thrill of the trek gets double because the level of the trek now changes from moderate to difficult. You need to be extra cautious because the slightest of mistakes could be costly.

Though the steps are worn out, it has small pockets which can be used for grip while descending. If you have acrophobia, we would suggest that you descend with your back facing the sky and use both hands for grip while descending.

Though a bit risky during monsoon due to rains and winds, it’s still worth doing during monsoon season. The most important thing that you need to make sure is to have a good pair of shoes. Please do make sure that the shoe has good grip.

We did this trek with Mumbai Travellers, you can check their website if you wish to do this trek.

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