Is Della Adventures a good deal or not?

Hey there everyone! Initially, I planned to write about the fun activities I experienced at Della and which are the activities you should try and which you could skip. But after multiple questions that I received from people the top among them was, Is Della Adventures worth the amount of money we spend?

This particular question made me rewind and go back to all the activities I did and the fun I had. But my trip was a free trip sponsored by the company. And we Indians tend to like free things. Isn’t it?
The question is would it be as fun as it was if I had to pay for the trip and travel all the way to Della on my own.
Well, my answer will be MAYBE. Undoubtedly it was Fun, but I personally find it little expensive.

Below are the points you should consider before planning a trip to Della:


What's your budget?

Della Adventures have three kinds of passes.
1. Regular pass: 1750Rs/individual plus taxes. It excludes few of the activities offered there.
2. Jumbo pass: 3000Rs/individual plus taxes. This pass includes all the activities.
3. Corporate pass: Depend on the activities selected.

If budget is not an issue, then please go ahead and opt for the Jumbo pass because it covers all the best activities. The overall cost will go above 3500 in case of Jumbo pass.

Are you planning to stay at DELLA?

Della is a 5-star resort so stay will be specifically for people who don’t have a budget constraint. It will be an amazing experience if you book a Villa for an overnight stay. They offer different cuisine and good quality wine. Also, they provide SPA and massage facilities.

How are you traveling?

Della is located in Lonavala which is just 2 hours from both Mumbai and Pune, so traveling won’t be an issue if you take your own vehicle. But if you are relying on public transport then you need to plan accordingly. Take a bus to Lonavala and then book a taxi to DELLA. It could become hectic and may get tiring if not pre-planned

Have you done this before?

They have activities like bungee jumping, rappelling, mountain climbing, flying fox, water and land zorbing, dirt bike. For indoor activities, they have archery, rifle shooting, bowstring, snooker, etc. and for kids, they have several kid-friendly activities.

So if you have done most of the activities beforehand, then please skip the plan. But if you have never done this before and want to try something adventurous then we would recommend you to go for it.
And if you want to take your family for a different kind of an outing, then this will be a perfect plan. Nothing is better than doing some adventure activities with your family. Also, to add if you want your kids to experience camp and military life then there is an option. Plan to stay at villa’s and you’ll be having a most memorable weekend getaway.

Is it good for Corporate get together?

Definitely a YES! They offer various packages for corporate and also arrange team building activities like paintball, knock out, etc. As it’s a huge place it can accommodate more than 1000 employees. The management of DELLA is very friendly and they will help to plan the things systematically right from your arrival to food and exit. For any corporate team building outing, DELLA is a huge YES! You’ll have fun with your colleagues and will be bonded with each other more than ever.

I’ll sum it up over here, if there are any further questions, please comment below I’ll be happy to help.
Go through the above question and plan what’s the best for you. Overall its all about trying something new and having fun. Here are the few pictures I’m sharing from my trip to DELLA!

– Shilpy


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