Kalsubai – Everest of Maharashtra

Yes, I know this is the most common trek that you will hear people boasting about because it’s known as the “Everest of Maharashtra”. The summit of Kalsubai is at 5400 feet, making it the highest peak in Maharashtra.

Here in this post, I will share my experience of climbing Kalsubai for the first time and share some of the best pictures that I have taken till date, which might make you do this trek.

I did a night trek to Kalsubai with my friends and it was done with a trekking group. Since it was a night trek, it was almost a two-day activity.

We boarded the 6:35 PM Kasara train from CST and reached Kasara around 9 PM. On reaching the station we were introduced with our fellow trekkers and started our journey towards the base village for Kalsubai.
The travel was done in a 10 seater Jeep, but at times you might have to adjust with 13 people as well.

The travel towards the base village is roughly around an hour and a half. On the way, we stopped at a Dhaba to have our dinner and proceeded with the journey. The one-hour road trip through the western ghats is something which you will start loving even before loving Kalsubai.

Just as we were about to reach the base village our Jeep driver stopped and asked us to get down. For a moment we were like what is going on, but when he pointed towards a dark area along the roadside, I was just stunned by the view. It was a cluster of fireflies blinking in unison, a view which is still seen when I close my eyes. The size of the cluster was almost as large as a room. Unfortunately, our camera’s were not capable of capturing the mesmerizing view.

We started the trek somewhere around 11.45 PM from the base village of Bari. Even though it was a night trek, the ascent was not that difficult as there were a lot of trekkers along with us.

The only tricky part during the climb was three steep staircases which are mounted in places where there was no trail available for the trek.

Almost at 3:30 AM we reached a plateau just before the peak and rested there till sunrise. The accommodation was provided by the group for those who didn’t bring any sleeping material for themselves. For others who had their sleeping bags, the sky was their roof. Even though it was the month of May the temperature was low at the top and it was extremely cold.

Somewhere around 6 AM, we started the final ascent towards the pinnacle. There is a small temple at the peak and the place is rocky where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful view of Sahyadri.

Totally engulfed in the clouds we had to wait for long before we could see the beautiful view. But the wait was worth as the picture below proves my point. This is the view that inspires and motivates you to climb, at times you would feel why I am doing this and what will I gain by climbing mountains?. Well, the gain is some mesmerizing views and experience which you can remember throughout your life.


After spending more than an hour at the summit clicking pictures and enjoying nature, we started our descend. The descent was fairly simple and was completed in less than 2 hours.

Overall the difficulty of the trek is medium and even a first-time trekker can complete the trek. You can make the trek without any group, all you need to do is reach the Bari village from Kasara station. Contact us through Facebook, Instagram or Email if you require any details.

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– Srirag

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