Majestic white land – The rann of kutch

So it’s that time of the year again where you will come across commercial with the tagline “Kutch nhi dekha, toh kuch nhi dekha” featuring none other than Mr. Big B. The commercial focus on the fest “Rannotsav” where Mr. Big B is urging us to come and live in the white tent city.

Undoubtedly The Rann of Kutch is one of the many places you should visit at least once in your lifetime. This place is unique to India and no matter how far and wide we travel, this still takes our breath away.

The great ‘Rann of Kutch’ is a seasonal salt marsh. It is located in the Thar Desert in the Kutch District of Gujarat.

Rann Utsav is an awesome festival of Kutch. It is a carnival of music, dance, and beauty of White Rann and many more things. If you want to enjoy the beauty of this place try visiting on full moon day, it surely will be icing on the cake.

Last year I went for this fest and that too during the full moon night. The view of the desert is still raw to my eye.

It’s a perfect family holiday destination to explore and capture some fun moments for lifetime. The official dates for Rann utsav have been announced, it will be from 1st November 2017 to 20th February 2018.

If you have a high budget, you can surely try living in the white tent city. But for people like us who are always short of money living in the white city is a distant dream.

To enjoy the fest, it’s not necessary to stay in the expensive tents which cost a whopping 20-50k for an overnight stay. I booked a small lodge in Bhuj, the experience of which is in our next post. Do check the blog about Bhuj for details.

The great Rann of Kutch is just an hour or two drive from Bhuj. I left around 12pm from my hotel and after covering few places on the way like Indo-Pak border, Kala Dungar, etc. I reached Rann around 5pm.

At the entrance of the place you will see the white tent city on one side and on the other side the mesmerizing white Kutch.

How often do we come across such view?

Walking my way till the entrance of the desert, the feeling was no less than walking on a red carpet.

As you step in the desert the distant view looks like a huge area covered with white sand. But it’s actually a salt pan, spread across acres and acres of land. A quick fact: the marsh covers a huge area of around 10,000 square miles. Probably the largest salt pan you’ll ever come across in life.

I wandered at the desert for about an hour or so. Took a long walk and separated myself from the crowd of tourist. The walk was so rejuvenating,  it took me to a different timeline altogether. The landscape was so alluring, I witnessed the setting sun in one side and the rising moon on the other. I will never have the right words to describe what I felt on that very day. You will surely know what I mean once you visit the place.

During Rannotsav there are various artists who come from different parts of India, bringinga new vibe with them. The Rannotsav attracts a lot of hippie souls to come and be a part of the festival. I enjoyed myself thoroughly over there. Playing Garba with those artist amidst the white desert during full moon night. There was nothing else I could ask for.

Somewhere around 8-9pm I visited the local market, which is only set up during the festival. The market has various stalls which sell things based on Gujarati culture.

I did a solo trip to this place. So you can either travel solo or with your friends. This place is also a perfect romantic getaway you can ask for.

If not for anything else, visit the Rann of Kutch for the serene beauty the place offers – truly a visual treat for the eyes.

Do visit the place and share your experience with us. If you need any assistance or more details about the place mail or DM us with the queries.

Happy stay and again “Kutch nhi dekha,toh kuch nhi dekha”.

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– Shilpy

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