Malana – Last village of Himachal Pradesh

Because; the adventure streak flows within me just like blood, one day I decided to visit this mysterious place “Malana” along with a friend of mine. Malana is the last village of Himachal Pradesh, so practically it’s where paradise ends. There is a common myth that Malana is not safe for girls especially if not accompanied by any male friends. As a result of this myth, people advised us to be safe and gave various instructions when they heard our plan to visit Malana.

To be honest, after doing our research even we were quite anxious before heading to Malana. But then it was time to reveal the mystery and know a little more about this village, so we took our bag-pack and started our journey towards Malana.

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Jari is the base to reach Malana village. We took a bus to Jari from Bhuntar. At Bhuntar we had kept our luggage and carried only a few essentials in our backpack. Remember not to carry heavy luggage as there is a small but a steep trek that needs to be done to reach Malana.
From Jari, it was a 40 minutes cab ride to the foot of Malana. The way up to Malana from the foot is no less than climbing stairs to heaven.

The people of Malana are considered to be the descendant of ‘Alexander the Great’. Even in today’s 21st century, people outside their village are considered untouchable. We are not exaggerating, but there are signboards put up in the village which states that “Don’t touch the temples, houses, and villagers. Any attempt to do that will cost a fine of Rs 3000.”

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For the sake of preserving the holy land, they build it far from civilization and hence we have to do an hours trek before entering the village. The trek is quite simple but has a few rocky patches in between the trail. You can feel the vibe of Malana as soon as you start the trek and thus this place attracts a lot of hippies from all around the globe. Malana is a perfect place to seclude oneself from the civilized reality of modern time.

Once we reached Malana, we walked uphill and found a place to spend a night. On the way, we saw some beautiful houses made of wood. The architecture of the houses we extraordinary. By now the myth we had heard earlier about the safety was of course just a myth. The people are friendly and cause no harm. We were welcomed like a family and the fear of our safety completely vanished.

After resting for a while, you can Trek upwards and explore the place. At every step, it’s simply beautiful. If you have ever imagined how heaven looks like ? then Malana is the answer. You can later sit back and relax, listen to music and surrender yourself in the hands of mother nature. After exploring the places, we slept in peace staring the stars. The temperature over here drops significantly at night and hence its advisable to carry good jackets.

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In the morning after having a scrumptious breakfast, we explored the place a little more, visited a nearby river which was flowing in its full force. The water was quite chilled as it was coming from the mountain top of melting glacier. We then descended to Jari and with happy memories, took the bus back to Bhuntar.

I could just go on and on about the days I had spent in Malana but to sum up the visit, Malana was the best impromptu plan I have ever made and was one of the best places I have been to so far. Malana as a village is simply breathtaking and has picturesque landscape. But one thing that might put you off is that you may find a lot of litter all around the village as there is no governance and the tourist who visit just don’t care a penny about keeping the place clean. So we would urge you guys not to litter, as they don’t have any central control unit to take care of the garbage.

I will leave the rest over here and share a few pictures from my visit. They speak a thousand stories themselves.

If you ever want to visit this place and need more information feel free to contact us. All the girls out there you can plan this place without fear, it’s as safe as being at home.

Bolo bum bum bhole bhole.!!!

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  1. I have heard that the story of Alexander, but didn’t know that it’s restricted to touch anything.
    I visited Jari but couldn’t go there. It will be in my list…

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