Sandhan Valley

How often it happens that we sit at our desk scrolling down the places we want to visit, bookmarking the place and never actually going anywhere. Why does it happen? AhA money crunch. The story of our life – Bucket list full of travel places, but an empty account.  Sometimes it’s not the money, but a shortage of time because of which that place you always wanted to visit becomes another bookmark.

One such bookmark location will be the Grand Canyon. What if we tell you that you can have a similar experience within our own country and that too in Maharashtra?

Yes! Such a place does exist and it’s Sandhan Valley.  A combination of canyons and a valley, better known as the valley of shadows. It is one of the greatest treks in Maharashtra

The picture proves its name to be correct, there is hardly any sunlight inside the valley.


For all those people who love to trek, but are tired of the same ascend trek, and are looking for something different and thrilling: Sandhan Valley is the place which will leave you astonished. The trek is a full descend trek, which requires a high level of endurance and stamina.

This beautiful place is just at a distance of 4 hours from Mumbai. You’ll be reaching the base village by early morning where the serenity of the village and nature will welcome you with open hands.

The valley is almost 200ft deep and the entire trek has to be completed by climbing and jumping from one boulder to another. When you first see the entrance to the valley it will make you feel as if you are entering some maze. You need not be scared when u see the entrance because this will for sure be one of the best treks you have done in your life.

One of the most beautiful and challenging parts of the trek is a small patch of water which you need to clear. It may look pretty simple, but trust us the water is deep till your chest level and it takes efforts to cross it with your heavy bags. We crossed this water patch by making a chain and then passing the bags one by one.

With some mesmerizing view doesn’t place looks like you have landed in heaven? We can enjoy a package of activities like trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, sliding, descending, wading through water, camping and adapting to the valley of shadows. It’s absolutely a boot camp type trek.


Picturesque isn’t it 😉

Once you have done with the first day of the trek by completing all the challenging task of trekking, rock climbing, and rappelling, you can savor the taste of traditional food cooked by the local villagers and sleep under the open sky staring the stars.

And here when you feel the trek can’t get better you’ll be surprised by the beauty of the river bed you’ll be walking the next day early morning to finally say goodbye to the wonderful experience of the journey.

Finally, once the trek is completed you will be treated with delicious Marathi thali. Trust us this is the best thali we have ever had and no hotel can beat this food.

It’s preferable to choose a trekking group and go with them as the trek require expertise and proper guidance to complete it with happy memories. We went with mumbaitravellers and the trip cost us around 2k per head. You can check their website for the schedule of Sandhan trek.

Sandhan Valley is a complete package of adventure. It doesn’t get over just with a trek, you can also do giant swing, valley crossing, flying fox and rappelling in Sandhan. Though these activities are done only once a year, unlike the trek which can be done pretty much every month apart from the monsoon.

The best time for this trek is Nov-May. So what are you waiting for pack your bag and let’s make the coming weekend exciting?

Mail us for more details about this trek/adventure activities in Sandhan and do share your experience with us.

Todo until next time!

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