Top 5 things to do in Hippie Island – Hampi

Hampi – a World Heritage site declared by UNESCO. It is a village recognized for its temples and ruins of the city of Vijayanagara. But other than Hampi, there is one more village which you should visit, a village which is on the other side of the river Tungabhadra.

A trip to Hampi is incomplete without visiting the other side of the river. This village is an island better known as ‘Hippie’ island, though the official name of this island is Virupapur Gadde.

The name Hippie island is due to hippie foreign backpackers who make it to this place for their stay during their trip.
Unlike Hampi which has a lot of temples and places to visit, the Hippie island only has 3 temples and a few places to visit. But the experience at this side of the river is totally different from Hampi. This place will completely blow your mind away with the scenic beauty and the hippie style restaurants where you can gorge food.

In this post, we will be covering the top 5 things to be done in Hippe island.

1. Cross the river to reach Hippie island in a coracle

So what’s a coracle? Well, it’s a small bowl-shaped boat made of wickerwork. A huge floating basket is a more appropriate description rather than calling it a boat. They are a huge flat craft to ferry people & sheep (yes sheep!).


Well, there are two ways to cross the river either take a classic boat which runs on a motor and carries 20 people at a time or choose to ride in a coracle.
Ditch the boat for a coracle because is far more fun and just costs 50 per head.

Note that if you want to come back to Hampi from the Hippie island, the last boat is at 6:30 PM but the Coracle service is up until 8:30 PM.
One last secret about this ride, do ask the guy to spin the boat.

2. Rent a scooter/bike to drive on beautiful roads of Hippie Island.

Once crossed the river rent a two-wheeler to ride on the beautiful roads of hippie island. You will get a variety of options from scooter to Mopeds.

We took sooty pep and Activa at a rent of Rs.200 for one day and there itself they will fill the vehicle with petrol at Rs.90/litre. For one day trip, one-liter petrol is sufficient. You can go for 1.5l to be on safer side. You can rent a bike even if you don’t have a license. Yep, yep you read it right.

There are cycles also available but it’s advisable not to rent a bicycle because of the hilly terrain and the sun overhead. Well, you don’t want to shrink your pleasure by doing those extra hard work in roaming around.


3. Ride your way on the beautiful roads towards the lake and canal

Smooth roads with almost zero traffic are the best thing for city dwellers. The island has well-maintained roads and is absolutely traffic free which makes your ride splendid. The scenic beauty on both the side of the road consists of huge boulders, rice, and banana plantation. P.S. the pictures are sufficient to speak the story of themselves.

Ride your way up to the lake and enjoy the majesty view of the place. This lake is famous for cliff jumping and you can also do the coracle ride over here.

Little further on the road, you’ll see a canal on the left side of the road. Once you cross the canal be ready to treat your eyes with acres of lush green paddy fields. We bet that the 10 KM ride through this road will be one of the best rides you have ever done.


4. Gorge on delicious food at the cafe

After a ride, visit any nearby cafe serving a variety of cuisines like Israeli, Italian, Chinese and of course Indian.
You can spot beautifully painted images at that cafe. Perfect spot to just chill, have good food and relax listening to melodious music.


5. Go to Hanuman temple to witness a beautiful sunset

How can one miss birthplace of Hanuman when at Hampi? Burn those calories you gained by climbing 576 stairs and witness a scenic view overlooking entire Hippie Island.
If you are staying at Hampi then you may have to miss the sunset since the bikes need to be returned and the boat ride stops at 6:30 PM. Though you always have an option to pay some extra and get what you want. Talk to the bike guy beforehand and return in a coracle which will now charge you Rs.100/ person.
If you can’t watch the sunset at the hippie island, then you can surely go to the small mountain behind the main temple at Hampi.

These are the top 5 things according to us that you need to do at the hippie island. There is a 6th thing that you can add to this list, you can pamper yourself next day by taking an Ayurvedic body massage.

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